Making progress

by on April 29th, 2013

We usealy dont post mutch on our main website every thing can be monitored on our moddb page

thanks for supporting the mod

and where always looking for new developers.

Latest News: Our First Trailer Release!

by on September 10th, 2012


After a long time we would like to show our first trailer for the No More Room in Hell: Raccoon City Police Department map project. The trailer focuses on presentation, gameplay elements, combat situations and even some new features in No More Room in Hell’s newly released 1.05 patch!

Much more work needs to be done and we are always looking for talented 3D artists to help us push out the unprecedented amount of custom content this map project contains.

I want to thank all our team members as we have reached our first major trailer release for our project. From me and the whole team we hope you enjoy and like what you see in the trailer. A special thanks to Adam for his awesome graphics and helping me while editing this together.


Under Development!

by on June 27th, 2012

Welcome to Biohazard Project’s new website! While things are still under construction, its coming along nicely!

- Adrian Lopez
Biohazard Project Web Designer